USS Enterprise CVN-65 by Barrie Hole
Brand: Revell
Scale: 1/720
Modeler: Barrie Hole - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints



I've built plastic models on and off since childhood but nothing for the last twenty five years or so until one day sitting at work feeling bored I suddenly fancied doing a carrier. One Revell 'Carl Vinson' later and the bug had bitten!

Enterprise is my first attempt at a fully detailed model and should really be regarded as a test bed for just about every modelling technique I could think of.

The kit is the old Revell 1/720 issue and does rather show its age in respect of the moulding quality but is the only the only 'Big E' available in this scale. Some of the parts don't fit that well and the air group is crudely moulded. Therefore I added the following bits and pieces:

GMM Supercarrier photoetch set

Starfighter Decals Enterprise Ship kit

And for the air group:

Trumpeter Phantoms and Vigilantes

Skywave A4's,Trackers and the COD Trader

Fujimi Crusaders and Skyraiders except for the Crusaders on Cats 1 and 2which were converted from Skywave Corsairs.

WEM for the Kamen Seasprite

Starfighter Decals

The crew figures are Eduard and the deck vehicles are either from the kit or Jag mouldings. The crane is a mix of Jag and GMM.

The base is a textured art paper with acrylic white highlights and the model is housed in a Trumpeter display case.

As I'm sure you all know the bits cost far more than the kit did!

I learned a great deal putting it together and I'm putting that knowledge into my next project - Ark Royal - but thats for another time.


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  Photos and text © 2010 by Barrie Hole

November 1, 2010