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"SUBMISSION TITLE" will be the title of your submitted gallery entry. You should indicate type here, without scale and brand, as those fields can be added in the following fields. A good example is: "F-14D Tomcat" or "F-14D Tomcat VF-31 Tomcatters, CVW-8" or "USS Nimitz CVN-68". Your "NAME" is required as well for listing purpose, and to let other modelers contact you through your email by clicking on your name in the listed submission's headline. This is why you have to add your "Email"address as well. This one will not be displayed directly. Please make sure you're always writing your name on the same way, so readers can search all your submissions if they'd like to see all your awesome works! Your name will be also watermarked automatically on your photos, so whoever will see them, it will be always obvious who's work they are watching!

"Brand" and "Scale" is self explanatory. Please select the proper values from the dropdown lists!