North American RA-5C Vigilante Decals, (ZTZ 72-018, ZTZ 48-018)
Brand: Zotz Decals
Scale: 1/48, 1/72
Review by: Zoltan Pocza
Sample by: Zotz Decals



Trumpeter made a big blast with the release of the 1/48 RA-5C Vigilante. Although they release this beautiful aircraft in 1/72 as well, this aircraft was very needed one in 1/48, as only Collectaire's resin version was available on the market in this scale at a very high price. The resin version needs more experience, so the injection moulded Vigilante by Trumpeter was a logical step to increase Trumpeter's respect at the modelers.

Zotz realized that this release is going to be very popular in both scales, and designed this sheet to provide additional decal options for modelers. The decal sets are identical both in 1/48 and 1/72.

First Impressions

The packaging was very safe, the dacals were sealed in a zip bag, and it was attached to a cardboard. A nice instruction sheet is included in the set.


In this set modelers get 7 different colorful decal options for the Viggies, all are looking very nice! Here's what you'll find in the pack:

"Hoot Owls"
RVAH-9 / 603
30 September ,1977
"Savage Sons"
CVW-2, RVAH-5 / 603
USS Ranger
16 Nov. 1972 - 22 June 1972
"Smokin Tigers"
CVW-14, RVAH-1 / 612
USS Enterprise
4 Apr. 1978 - 30 Oct. 1978
CVW-8, RVAH-6 / 601
USS Nimitz
1 Dec. 1977 - 20 Jul. 1978
CVW-14, RVAH-13 / 601
USS Enterprise
12 Sep. 1972 - 12 Jun. 1973
"Peacemakers of the Fleet"
CVW-2, RVAH-7 / 610
USS Ranger
21 Feb. 1979 - 22 Sep. 1979
"Savage Sons"
RVAH-5 / 613



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It doesn't matter if you have 1/72 or 1/48 Viggies, these decals are great in every aspect! If you're enjoying the 70's colorful jets and Viggies, this decal set is made for you at a reasonable price!

Highly recommended!


1/48 - ZTZ 48-018: $16
1/72 - ZTZ 72-018: $15



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Sample kit courtesy by Eli Raphael, Zotz Decals/ Albatros Modelworks. Thank you!

Photos and text 2005 by Zoltan Pocza

May 3, 2005