USS Enterprise CVN-65 by Gabriel Suranyi
Brand: Scrathcbuilt
Scale: 1/72
Modeler: Gabriel Suranyi
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This model is the best carrier model I've ever seen. Also I'd say, the most shocking scratchbuilt model as well. The effort Gabe put into it in 19 years, it's just something that is close the the limits a single modeler can achieve. It's nearly impossible to believe that someone can keep up his inspiration on this level to complete a complex, and huge modeling project like this. If I just hear it, I don't believe it...but it's here.

This model is awarded by Editor's Choice - Excellence Award!

1/72 USS Enterprise CVN-65
DOWNLOAD VIDEO where the modeler introduces his build in details (near 10 minutes, ~50Mb,)


This article probably represents one of the best privately owned scratch built models of the first nuclear U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier, the USS ENTERPRISE. Mr. Gabriel Suranyi dedicated a total of nineteen (19) years of detailed craftsmanship to complete the building of this 1/72 scale, sixteen foot long, five foot wide, four foot high carrier. The Model was featured on the front page and fold-out centerfold in the March 1997, 15th-year-edition of FineScale Modeler magazine. The U.S. Navy also ferried the builder, Gabe Suranyi, via a C-2A to the USS Enterprise about 200 miles off Norfolk in September 1997. Gabe resided on the USS Enterprise for two days compliments of the ship's Captain.

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The model, mostly completed in 2003, represents the USS Enterprise and Air-Wing 11 during the ships’ 1989 cruise. Top deck of the carrier is finished in rough grip surface. Over 6000 tie-downs are on the top deck and 5000 in the hangar bay. The tie-downs have been obtained from a British Company named PP Airoparts, unfortunately they discontinued operations in the early 90’s. Many other parts were die cast in New Jersey.

Starboard shows flight operations. Airmen in colored uniforms, tow and fire trucks , catapult operators, flight directors, safety officers, missile launchers, chaff dispensers, refueling lines, hoses and plumbing, various antennas, control surfaces and storage areas.



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Planes not participating in flight operations are chained down to the deck. A visiting Marine F-18 Squadron is deployed at the port side.

The Superstructure took over 2 years to build. It was overhauled in 2006. Over 200 sections comprises a single radar mast glued one section at a time.

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DOWNLOAD VIDEO where the modeler introduces his build in details (near 10 minutes, ~50Mb,)

Photos, Text, Video © 2006 by Gabriel Suranyi

March 19, 2007