USS Yorktown CV-5 as she sits today at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. by Randall Reynolds
Brand: Trumpeter
Scale: 1/700
Modeler: Randall Reynolds - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints


The USS Yorktown CV-5 was sunk at the battle of Midway in June 1942 and sits upright on the sea floor in the Pacific Ocean over three miles down. Deeper than the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean. The Yorktown was found by Robert Ballard in 1998 who wrote a book about finding the carrier. "Return to Midway" This is the same man who found the Titanic in the 1980's.

I took the artist paintings of the Yorktown from the book and made this model diorama. I used a 1/700 USS Hornet CV-8 kit by Trumpeter and converted it into what you see here. Some of these pictures look like they were taken by the R.O.V sub but I assure you this is just a model.

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  Photos and text © 2009 by Randall Reynolds

March 4, 2009